Making Of...

There are two places where you can see my video's. You can view them here on my Facebook page or here on my Youtube Channel. It are not tutorials, but just fun to watch and somebody who is able to work with Photoshop will notice a lot already without explanation. ;)

My Workflow

People often ask me what do I do to give my photos a special look. To be honest, I don't know but as promised to them I describe my workflow in a few steps. Hope it helps a bit and hope you understand my english ;)

Step 1.
If I have an idea I first draw it a bit on paper or let it boil in my head for a few days. Everywhere I go I look around me to see if there is the background that I need and is the light okay that I have in my mind.

Step 2.
If I found the background that I need I go there with my camera when the sun is shining. Often I like a little bit low sunlight for more dramatic shadows. I hardly ever take multiple photos with multiple shutterspeeds for HDR photos. My camera doesn't has auto bracketing and I am to lazy to put the camera on a tripod. I like the freedom of shooting without it ;). Maybe needless to say, but always shoot in RAW.

Step 3.
read more on my Facebook page. You can find it under the 'info' link. I put it at my biography ;)
I know it is annoying that I want you to go to my Facebook page all the time, but the reason for me is that I want to use that site for all the communication and to see who like my photos. That site is build for it ;)