YES, YES, YES, it’s finally here!!!
Video workshop Realistic Compositions

I’ve been asked for many years if I would make a video workshop. Till recently I didn’t had the time for this, but finally it’s there and ready for sale! Almost 5 hours video tutorial about what I always teach and how I always create my images. Now you can do it too! Don’t wait any longer, start creating! Your fantasy will be the limit!! 😉

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What do users say about the workshop:

“I’ve been hoping and waiting for Adrian Sommeling to put out a video based on his workshops. I bought it and I can tell you it’s not only fantastic but well worth the money! I can’t wait to try what he teaches with my horse and dog photography. Thank you Adrian. I would love to see more videos like this in the future and if you ever come to Canada to do a workshop, I’ll be there!

Adrian, these videos are so well done. I’m thoroughly enjoying them and learning as well. You’re an excellent teacher.”

Debby Harolds Photography – Canada


“I’ve been waiting so long for this! Even if i am used to composites, from the start to the final tune of this workshop, i’ve found tones of tips and tricks that will increase my workflow. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience !!

Fabien Harrow – France


“Dude I am 50% through the video workshop and wow… its great loving it……Its well worth the money and more, Its one of the first online workshops involving photoshop that does not waste hours talking technical and just gets on with the real content…thanks for making it. Right I’m off to buy some chickens…….”

Andy Moore – United Kingdom



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